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After being awakened by a fire alarm at 1:30 AM in the Courtyard Marriott, it dawned on me that my escape and what  I chose to take with me, may need some tweeking.  Here are some tips on making the necessary preparations now to improve the chances that your family will survive a house/hotel fire and hopefully none of you will have to implement. 

  • Create a plan that includes escape routes from each room of your home
  • Practice your plan with all members of your household
  • Review the plan at least twice a year when all members of your household are present
  • Update the plan when you make changes, such as adding a finished basement or rearranging furniture
  • Post the plan on your refrigerator where family members will see it regularly and commit it to memory
  • Develop a fire escape plan and practice it with all family members
  • Obtain safety ladders for multi-level homes and install in every bedroom
  • Students away from home should keep a ladder in his or her dorm room
  • Change smoke alarm batteries twice a year
  • Test smoke alarms once a month, if not more often

Most importantly, know what you will need to grab. You will need identity and a utility bill to prove residence.  Cash and a credit card since you may need to stay in a hotel room.  I took my lap top and cell phone since I was out of town on business.  .  Some items should not be in your house such as legal documents and photos of your contents.





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