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As your life changes, so should your life insurance.
Life insurance is a solid investment in any economic climate, and it’s a smart, thoughtful way to take care of the ones you love. But does your current policy provide the right coverage for your life today? If you haven’t thought about your life insurance for a while, your policy may be letting you down.  There are many life events that could trigger a need for a change in your policy:
Income: Have you been promoted? Changed jobs? Retired? Received an inheritance?
Family: Has there been a birth or an adoption? Has a child left home? Are there any grandchildren? Are you caring for an elderly parent?
Home: Have you purchased a new home, or paid off a mortgage?
Charities: Is there a particular charity that you want to add or remove as a beneficiary?
Marital status: Has there been a marriage or a divorce?
Health: Did you lose weight, quit smoking or have any positive changes in health recently? If so, you may qualify for a more favorable rate.
Inflation: Has it been 10, 15 or even 20 years
Make sure you’re getting the most out of your life insurance. Call Watkins Insurance Agency and schedule a time for your no-cost life insurance review.



September is Life Insurance Awareness Month



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